Collateral Consequences of Arrests & Convictions

Criminal convictions come with a variety of upfront consequences. If convicted of certain types of crimes, you’ll find yourself having to pay restitution, fines and fees. You might also have to do a certain amount of jail time or community service time. The results of a criminal conviction vary depending upon your specific case. However, there are at least five unexpected collateral consequences. These can also occur as a result of your case ending in a conviction.

1. Job Loss and Difficulty Obtaining a New One

One of the most damaging unexpected consequences of a guilty verdict is job loss. While you won’t always lose your job, you could lose your job after missing work for court appearances. Some employers’ policies give them the right to fire employees who get into trouble. Often, new employers are leery of hiring people who have guilty verdicts on their rap sheets.

2. Social Consequences

You could also experience difficulties in social situations. For instance, you could lose friends or contact with family members as a result of your activity. Some people will not associate with people with criminal convictions. Criminal records also making dating more difficult. The stigma attached to a criminal record is far reaching.

3. Deportation

If you’re not United States citizen, you could face deportation if you’re found guilty of a crime. Likewise, if you’re trying to become a citizen, having a record could work against you. Depending upon the specific crime, you could also face deportation.

4. Loss of Home

If you’re renting, you could lose your home or apartment after a guilty verdict. Some landlords reserve the right to release any tenants who break the law. Certain laws allow this for the safety of their other tenants and even their image. Certain types of violent crimes cases can have a negative impact on living arrangements. Some are unable to reenter their home when the alleged victim also resides there.

5. Revoked Firearm Privileges

If you’re convicted of certain types of crimes, it could become unlawful for you to own a gun. After a conviction, possessing a firearm may result in additional charges. This can also be true even if the firearm belongs to someone else in the home.
Of course, these aren’t all of the consequences of convictions. These are simply a few of the collateral damages you may expect. And these are in addition to whatever the court heaps on you. With conviction rates on the rise, collateral consequences of a criminal history effects more people than ever. For help clearing your criminal record, contact the expungement lawyers at Bury Your Past today
Criminal Charges Collateral Consequences