If you find yourself in jail looking for bail on felony charges, you can rest assured you are not alone in the U.S. in the 21st-century. Although it is difficult to source accurate data regarding crime rates in the U.S., a recent study from the University of Georgia estimated the percentage of those charged with a felony reached eight percent in 2010. The U.S. Government does not keep accurate records of the number of individuals charged with a crime or serving jail time, but the recent study looked back as far as 2010 to estimate crime rates across the nation. What are are seeing is a consistent rise in conviction rates from year to year.

A Georgia Sample of Convicted Felons

Overall, the demographic with the highest conviction rate was African-American males, a group of which 15 percent had served time in jail. In terms of the general U.S. population, around three percent had convictions resulting in jail-time where they would have sought the assistance of a bail bonds expert. Felons and those with serious criminal convictions were ranked by the state in the UGA study to reveal the highest conviction rates were found in Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia. A staggering 15 percent of the African-American male population of Georgia were classified as convicted felons. In contrast, the Northern states of Maine, Nebraska, New York, and New Hampshire had a percentage of convictions rated at around five percent.

Criminal Conviction Rates Are on the Rise

The work of criminal defense attorneys is more needed than ever before with the percentage of felony convictions rising from around four to 15 percent from 1980 to 2010, in Georgia alone. This rise in the number of convicted felons has seen a huge proportion of the U.S. population now struggling with the issues of struggling to find work or receive welfare assistance because of their criminal record. In 2010, an estimated 19 million Americans were classified as a felon, a rise which has seen many states examine their classification of crimes.

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2010 Total U.S. Population: 309 Million | Estimated Felon Percentage: 6.1% (and rising)
Study conducted by the University of Georgia