Expunging An Oklahoma Suspended Sentence

Oklahoma Suspended Sentences

Don’t let a felony or misdemeanor conviction hold you back. We can help! Expungements remove even suspended convictions from your criminal history. Both felonies and misdemeanors may receive a suspended sentence in Oklahoma. Whether a misdemeanor or felony conviction, let us do what we can do BURY YOUR PAST.



When a sentence is suspended, the court allow the the term of imprisonment to be suspended upon good behavior. Being allowed to remain free is a good thing. But the consequences of a criminal record can linger. Suspended sentences for non-violent offenses do remains CONVICTIONS. However, these conviction may qualify for Oklahoma expungement under Section 18.  The November 1, 2016, law changes the time required to wait to seek expungement.  Most non-violent felonies can now be expunged after only ten (10) years, and misdemeanors after five (5) years.  You may even be eligible if you have two convictions, but they must be over 20 years old if you have two felonies.

Depending on your circumstances and assuming that (1) the crime of conviction is a misdemeanor or a non-violent felony, and (2) you don’t have more than one felony or misdemeanor conviction, Section 18 allows for expungement.  We simply have to review the facts and charges in your case to determine if you are eligible.  You may need a pardon.  Then we must file a petition in District Court suing the Custodian of Records for the arresting agency (i.e., the police), the County Sheriff, and the OSBI.  When the parties agree to the petition for expungement (which often happens), no hearing will likely be required. If any required agency objects, then a judge will determine whether your right to privacy (a sealed record) is more important than the public’s right to know about your record.

Say Goodbye to Your Criminal Record

After expungement, your arrest record, deferred or suspended conviction as well as the court file will be expunged and not available for public inspection.  In job or college applications and other pursuits, you may lawfully state that the matter NEVER HAPPENED!.  Expungement causes the event to be treated as null and void – as if it never happened. Yep. Goodbye criminal record.

Fees to Remove an Oklahoma Suspended Conviction

We charge a “flat” or “fixed” fee for most of the 14 different types of Section 18 expungements.

If you’d like to get started with your expungement, please get in touch with our expungement lawyers here.

Expunging a Suspended Sentence in Oklahoma