Expunging after a Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Appeal

To begin with, if you have had a DUI in Oklahoma there is a good chance your lawyer had to appeal an administrative action regarding your driver’s license. This is another entry on OSCN.net or ODCR.com that may be seen by anyone with an internet connection. Fortunately, we can apply to seal these records to get them off of the Internet and help you clear your name in public records. Most important of all, successful Oklahoma Department of Public Safety or DPS License Appeals restore your good name.

Flat Fee for Removal 

Certainly, most people think of legal fees as an hourly expense. But, at Bury Your Past, there are no surprises and no costly hourly fees for removing a charge from your legal record because of DNA factual innocence. Above all else, our attorneys know the expungement process inside and out. As a result, our staff handles these cases effectively and efficiently. And so, we offer our expungement service for a “flat” or “fixed” fee when working with clients on cases that involve factual innocence.

Get Started on DPS License Appeals

Our expungement attorneys walk you through every step of the process. In addition, we will keep you informed and do everything we can to help you avoid going to court unnecessarily. If you’d like to get started clearing your name with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, contact Bury Your Past now.

expunge your federal offense

Your drivers license appeal is eligible for expungement under the new law