Expunging a Felony – Charged when Under 18 Years Old

If you were arrested and convicted when you were under the age of 18, you may be eligible for expungement regardless of the crime.  First, you will need a pardon from the Governor, which we can help with. If pardoned, then we can help get your record expunged completely. Just because you made a mistake as a kid, doesn’t mean it should haunt you forever. When we are young, we all get in trouble of some sort. Thankfully the expert attorneys at Bury Your Past can help with Oklahoma juvenile expungements. Once we have determined that you qualify, we will request a hearing from the court. All agencies including the district attorney must be notified. Once you get to the hearing, the judge will review all the gathered documents and determine whether or not you will be granted an expungement. You do have to have a lawyer for this process. The OSBI strongly recommends it.

Juvenile Expungement Lawyer

Having an Oklahoma Juvenile expungement lawyer will also help in more ways than you might think. You attorney can help express to the court your remorse for your past criminal actions. They can show that not only will this provide you much needed relief, but how you have become an upstanding and contributing member of society. Obviously your need for expungement outweighs the publics need to know about your younger self’s record. Calling Bury Your Past to help you through this process is the best decision you can make. We will help you prepare the best petition possible and walk you through the entire process from start to finish.


We charge a flat or fixed fee for pardons and for the required expungement as well.

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