Expunging Your Protective Order

Do you have a protective order that can be found online? Did a former lover or spouse file something that needs to be pulled from the public record? We have years of experience to help expunge protective orders.

The Oklahoma Expungement laws allow for a VPO’s (Victim’s Protective Orders) to be expunged under certain circumstances. Section 60.18 provides:

A. Persons authorized to file a motion for expungement of victim protective orders (VPOs) issued pursuant to the Protection from Domestic Abuse Act in this state must be within one of the following categories:

1. TEMPORARY ORDER EXPIRED OR FULL ORDER DENIED. An ex parte order was issued to the plaintiff but later terminated due to dismissal of the petition before the full hearing, or denial of the petition upon full hearing, or failure of the plaintiff to appear for full hearing, and at least ninety (90) days have passed since the date set for full hearing;

2. PLAINTIFF (Person who filed) FAILED TO APPEAR. The plaintiff filed an application for a victim protective order and failed to appear for the full hearing and at least ninety (90) days have passed since the date last set by the court for the full hearing, including the last date set for any continuance, postponement or rescheduling of the hearing;

3. VPO ORDER VACATED. The plaintiff or defendant has had the order vacated and three (3) years have passed since the order to vacate was entered; or

4. PARTY DECEASED. The plaintiff or defendant is deceased.

If the expungement order is granted and the record is sealed, “the subject official actions shall be deemed never to have occurred, and the persons in interest and the public may properly reply, upon any inquiry in the matter, that no such action ever occurred and that no such record exists with respect to the persons.” Thus, this type of expungement is very similar to a Section 18 “full expungement.”

Fees to expunge protective orders depend on the circumstances and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


We charge a “flat” or “fixed” fee for to expunge protective orders. Please contact our office to discuss how much a protective order expungement will be.

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