DNA Factual Innocence

To begin with, one harsh reality of life is that the legal process sometimes convicts innocent people of crimes. In other words, the justice system is not always just. Fortunately, persons released from prison because of DNA factual innocence are eligible for an expungement.

Flat Fee for Removal 

Certainly, most people think of legal fees as an hourly expense. But, at Bury Your Past, there are no surprises and no costly hourly fees for removing a charge from your legal record because of DNA factual innocence. Above all else, our attorneys know the expungement process inside and out. As a result, our staff handles these cases effectively and efficiently. And so, we offer our expungement service for a “flat” or “fixed” fee when working with clients on cases that involve factual innocence.

Get Started

Our expungement attorneys walk you through every step of the process. In addition, we will keep you informed and do everything we can to help you avoid going to court unnecessarily. If you’d like to get started clearing your conviction post-factual innocence, contact Bury Your Past now.

Expunge a Factual Innocence Arrest

DNA Factual Innocence - Conviction Overturned