Expunge Two Felony Convictions

Have you been told that it was impossible to expunge your multiple felony convictions? After the new law took effect on November 1, 2016, you may qualify. Due to a change in Oklahoma’s expungement statute, more convicted felons are eligible for an expungement than ever before.

Do I Qualify For A Felony Expungement? 

If you have two felony convictions here is what it takes to expunge them from your record in Oklahoma. First of all, you must get a pardon from the Governor of the State of Oklahoma. Second, the felony conviction must not be for a violent felony because violent felonies do not qualify for expungement. Please review this list of violent felonies first. You cannot have any pending criminal cases. Finally, twenty years must pass between the last misdemeanor or felony conviction and now. In conclusion, there are a lot of requirements before you are eligible, but in the past this opportunity did not exist.

How Do I Get A Pardon?

A pardon is a multi-step process that takes 8 to 10 months because it is very intense. The first step to getting a pardon is to fill out the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board Application. Our lawyers interview you and draft an application that tries to stick out in the minds of each Pardon and Parole Board member. Keep in mind, the Pardon and Parole Board members have tons of applications to read. Because it is easy to blend into the hundreds of applications, we draft your application to stand out.

Next, someone from the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board will visit your home to verify your residence. We will appear at your home and sit with you during the home inspection and help answer any questions. After the home inspection, you will appear with your lawyer before the Pardon and Parole Board. At this meeting, you are given two minutes to explain to the Pardon and Parole Board why you deserve a pardon. After all applicants speak, the entire Board votes and you will know if you receive a pardon or not. Finally, the Governor of the State of Oklahoma’s General Counsel will speak with your lawyer regarding any additional facts or things to know.

What Happens After the Pardon?

If you receive a pardon from the Governor of the State of Oklahoma, you may now be eligible for an expungement. If so, you may be able to finally drop the title of “convicted felon” from your past. An expungement generally takes 60 – 75 days to be completely expunged from your record.

How Much Does A Pardon Cost?

This firm prefers to discuss pricing with potential clients directly. We offer a pricing structure to allow more individuals to use our services through the different phases of the pardon process.

What Do You Charge for An Expungement? 

Our firm charges a “flat fee” for our expungements with very few exceptions. A flat fee means you will pay one price up front and nothing else. We only quote very rare or very complicated expungements on a sliding scale.

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