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How To Apply For An Oklahoma Expungement

Step 1. Please fill out the expungement application below. We request the same information the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations requires for a background check. Unlike some other firms, we recommend an official background check to determine your eligibility BEFORE we file for your expungement. This allows us to ensure that we expunge every entry that is eligible for expungement.

Check your inbox to confirm that we have received your expungement application and we will be in touch with you within one business day.

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What Happens Next To Your Expungement Application?

Step 2. We receive your information. Our expungement lawyers and attorneys review the information submitted from the form above. We will research your expungement application and arrest record. Next, we give you a call. If your information is available on OSCN or ODCR, we will review your history there.

Step 3. Our office will call you.  One of our expungements lawyers and attorneys will contact you to discuss your matter. Our firm strives to be discrete and maintain confidentiality. So we try to get in touch with you as soon as we receive your message. If you are not available by phone, however, we will send a message to you via email.

Step 4. Your free initial consultation. When you speak with our office, we will go through the facts of your arrest record and find out what you have in your background. Certain arrests may be eligible for expungement. Others may not be eligible. There are over fourteen different ways to erase your arrest record and sometimes one arrest may make another arrest ineligible. Be sure you hire someone with actual experience and knowledge before trusting your record with anyone else.

Step 5. We will check your record. If it is worth doing it is worth doing right. Before we start your expungement our firm runs your background check. Some offices simply trust OSCN which is NOT always correct. Sometimes mistakes appear on the online docket and sometimes those mistakes are reported to the OSBI. If your background check contains errors we fix them before filing your expungement, otherwise, you may not be eligible for expungement.

Filing Your Expungement

Step 6. Drafting your expungement. We draft your Petition for Expungement and other documents. Generally speaking, we draft your documents and request your approval within a few days of receiving your OSBI Report. You will see your complete Petition and let us know if you approve or not.

Step 7. The waiting. As your expungement nears completion our expungement lawyers and attorneys will update you on your case status.  Because we care about you and your case, we keep you up to date on your case.

Step 8. Completing your expungement. Our firm sends your Order for Expungement to the OSBI and elsewhere to complete the expungement process. Other firms ask you to send in your own Order to the OSBI. That is not acceptable. Because we are a full-service law firm and we handle your case from beginning to end.

How to Apply For an Oklahoma Expungement

 Contact our expungement attorneys in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to apply for an Oklahoma expungement.

We make applying for an Oklahoma expungement simple. Put the stress of yesterday’s problems behind you. Let our experienced attorneys work for you. Bury Your Past!
Oklahoma Expungment Process
Application Steps:

  1. Submit Expungement Application
  2. Attorney Reviewal Process
  3. We Contact You by Phone
  4. Free Initial Consulation
  5. Complete Record Check

Expungement Process:

  1. Draft Expungement Paperwork
  2. State Review & Processing
  3. Complete Expungement

For more information on how to apply for an Oklahoma expungement, contact our office at (918) 409-0417.