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Pardon Based on Actual Innocence

This is a very rare occurrence but it does happen. Courts can exonerate a person of a crime if there is evidence of innocence or if the court finds the person innocent. Pardons only apply to past acts. Meaning you have to have been previously convicted to receive a pardon. If you are one of the few folks out there who has received a pardon based on actual innocence we can take you the rest of the way and expunge your conviction.


We charge a “flat” or “fixed” fee for this kind of expungement. No surprises and no additional costs. You will know ahead of time what you are going to pay with no hidden fees or charges.

Get Started

If you’d like to get started clearing your conviction post-pardon, start your expungement today. Send us a message or give our offices a call. 

Expunge a case based on Actual Innocence.

Pardon For Actual Innocence
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