Getting Your Conviction Overturned

To begin with, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals regularly overturns criminal convictions. Certainly, your criminal record may be expunged and your background cleared quickly if your case is dismissed on appeal. Furthermore, the same applies for those who had their case reversed when the District Attorney’s office gave up and dismissed charges as well.

Flat Fee for Removal 

Most people think of legal fees as an hourly expense. At Bury Your Past, there are no surprises and no expensive hourly fees for removing a dismissed charge from your legal record. Our attorneys know the expungement process inside and out. As a result, our staff handles these cases effectively and efficiently. And so, we offer our expungement service for a “flat” or “fixed” fee when working with clients whose conviction has been overturned and dismissed.

Get Started 

To have an overturned conviction removed from your record, contact our legal team today. Above all, you deserve a second chance. At Bury Your Past, we work hard to overturn convictions and clear criminal histories. In truth, we want you to be able to pursue the life you deserve. We handle the paperwork for all appropriate appellate briefs. In addition, we file the documents necessary to expunge your record.

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Expunge an Appeals Court Decision