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There is no reason your past mistakes should keep you from living a better life. Due to a recent change in the law, more people are eligible than ever before. Our Oklahoma expungement attorneys can help. Call your Tulsa expungement attorney, Clint James at 918-409-0417. Contact our Oklahoma City expungement attorney, Bob Wyatt.

  • Are you looking for a better job due to low pay?
  • Were you turned away from the border on vacation?
  • Need to move to a different or better apartment because of a bad neighborhood?
  • Do you want to restore your reputation and dignity while you still can?
  • Have you been denied access to education programs because of your arrest record?
  • Denied the right to buy or own a firearm due to a felony conviction?

Expunging your record can help you solve these problems. Don’t let your record remain an obstacle. Rather than waiting around for something good to happen, take the first step. Clear your record by hiring experienced Oklahoma expungement attorneys. Our experience is criminal defense. Our attorneys are licensed in the state of Oklahoma with over 30 years of experience. There is nothing we love more than to help our clients erase a criminal record and turn a life around. An expungement is a powerful tool that can open doors. Start again with a clean slate.

Expunged – 2004 – Possession of Marijuana – Payne County

We can help you expunge your Oklahoma marijuana arrest. 

Expunged – 2007 – Assault and Battery – Tulsa

A misdemeanor assault and battery charge may be expunged from your record. If you got into a fight or were defending the honor of someone you know and love, we would love to help you expunge your record, where eligible. Call our expungement lawyers today.  We will...

Expunged – 2001 – Actual Physical Control – Oklahoma County

This 2001 Actual Physical Control was wiped off of our client’s arrest record. Contact Bob Wyatt or Clint James at (405) 232-0000 or (918) 409-0417 or at

Expunged – 2005 – Distribution of a CDS – Tulsa County

A drug crime can mean you will be denied housing, a job, or the ability to travel abroad. Let the experienced expungement lawyers at Bury Your Past talk you through how we can expunge your criminal arrest record. If you'd like to request your background check, please...

Expunged – 2008 – Concealed Weapon – Muskogee County

At Bury Your Past we support your God-given rights to bear arms within the bounds of the law. Having a previous firearms arrest may preclude you from obtaining a concealed carry permit. Let us help you clear your record today. If you'd like to learn more about...

Expunged – 1992 – Larceny – Tulsa County

Tulsa County Larceny Expungement A larceny may be a felony or a misdemeanor based on when it was filed in the State of Oklahoma. We can help you expunge your Tulsa County Felony and Misdemeanor cases as well. Click here to start your expungement today.  Here is the...

Expunged – 2004 – Domestic Assault – Comanche County

A Comanche County expungement of three different counts. Call us in and around Oklahoma City at (405) 232-0000 or in and around Tulsa at (918) 409-0417 or at

Expunged – 1999 – Burglary – Oklahoma County

Were you charged with second degree burglary? Would you like to get it expunged from your record? Contact our lawyers at (918) 409-0417 or at (405) 232-0000 or at to see if you are eligible. 

Expunged – 1996 – Stolen Credit Card – Kay County

Credit card fraud and credit card theft was easy and much more common in the 1990's before credit card companies implemented controls and computer algorithms that can detect fraudulent usage. As a result, many people still have an old arrest present on their...

Expunged – 2002 – Embezzlement – Rogers County

A misdemeanor embezzlement may not have to stay on your record forever. Our expungement lawyers will help you determine if an old misdemeanor arrest can come off of your record or not. Get your expungement started today.  Embezzlement is defined as: A. Embezzlement is...

Expunged – 2013 – Possession of CDS – Tulsa County

Drug crimes vary in their severity and the types of punishments available. We are more than happy to help you get a possession charge off of your background check. Don't let a drug crime keep you out of the military or away from any other job opportunity there may be....

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Denied Federal Expungement

Counsel for former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio made some… interesting arguments regarding Mr. Arpaio’s federal criminal record. 

Expunged – 2014 – Domestic Assault – Tulsa County

Society today frowns heavily on domestic abuse and domestic violence. An arrest for domestic assault and battery may prevent you from serving in the military and from obtaining gainful employment. Learn how we can expunge various kinds of crimes in Oklahoma.  Start...

Expunged – 2000 – Indecent Exposure – Oklahoma County

Another successful Oklahoma County Expungement by the lawyers at Bury Your Past. Call us at (405) 232-0000 in and around Oklahoma City or at (918) 409-0417 in and around Tulsa.

Expunged – 2011 – Domestic Assault and Battery

A domestic abuse allegation can cripple not only your relationship but also your chances at employment and can cause havoc in a domestic proceeding. Learn more about how you can expunge a deferred misdemeanor domestic abuse case here.  Let us help you get your...

Expunged – 1993 – Embezzlement – Payne County

What may have started out as a few dollars here and there has now turned into hundreds of dollars in funds diverted from your employer. When things get a little out of hand we can help you erase your mistake from history. Call someone who will not pass judgment and...

Expunged – 2013 – DUI – Tulsa County

A DUI is expensive for your checkbook but it can also prevent you from getting employment and obtaining special licensing for certain jobs in the transportation sector and elsewhere. If you are looking to clear your record of a previous DUI, contact our lawyers here ...

Expunged – 2008 – Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance – Rogers County

An arrest for possession of CDS may be the result of a youthful indiscretion or a more serious drug addiction issue. The problem is, employers and the rest of society rarely take the time to distinguish between the two. We can help you completely clear your arrest...

Expunged – 2011 – Feloniously Pointing A Firearm

These kinds of crimes may be eligible to be expunged but they are rare. Feloniously pointing a firearm is a violent felony and normally is not eligible to be expunged.  Our lawyers know what can and cannot be expunged and we are happy to help you find out if you are...

Expunged – 2014 – Outraging Public Decency – Cleveland County

This Cleveland County expungement got rid of an outraging public decency charge with could start some awkward questions for anyone applying for a job. Contact Bob Wyatt in Oklahoma City at (405) 232-0000 or Clint James in Tulsa at (918) 409-0417 or at

Bury your past by expunging your Oklahoma criminal or arrest record. Depending on your circumstances, our Oklahoma expungement attorneys will help you clear your criminal record in 60 to 75 days. This can give you the freedom to enjoy life without a criminal past. In the past 28 years, we have more than 98 percent success rate in expunging arrest records. Our “flat rate” Oklahoma expungement attorneys work for you across Oklahoma. Let new expungement laws in Oklahoma and Bury Your Past work for you.

Do You Need An Oklahoma Expungement Attorney?

Scroll down to see common reasons to seek expungement. There are 14 types of expungements available in Oklahoma. Our Oklahoma City and Tulsa expungement attorneys are ready to help you today. Complete a deferred sentence? You probably qualify. Deferred conviction? Let us prepare your case for expungement. Not all firms have lawyers that handle expungements. At Bury Your Past, low cost Oklahoma expungements are our specialty!

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What is an expungement? An expungement is the clearing of the arrest AND plea record in your criminal case. Apply to clear your record today. It all begins with a simple confidential application. Next, you will have FREE follow-up consultation with one of our Oklahoma expungement attorneys.

Oklahoma Expungement Attorneys

Our Oklahoma City and Tulsa Expungement Attorneys can help bury your past anywhere in Oklahoma. 

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Reasons To Get An Expungement


The labor market after convictions is difficult. It only gets harder when an employer can see every mistake you’ve ever made online. We can erase many arrests and pleas of guilty to help you get that job or promotion you’ve been working toward. Clear your record before starting your job search.

Get the employment and advancement you deserve. Our Tulsa expungement attorney, Clint James or OKC expungement attorney, Bob Wyatt can get started right away.

Restore Your Civil Rights

In Oklahoma, a pardon and expungement can restore your rights. After expungement, you will have:

  • right to own a firearm
  • the right to vote
  • right to serve on a jury
  • the ability to hold certain volunteer positions
  • and the ability to serve on public and private boards

Find out if we can restore your civil rights today.


Apartment complexes, public housing authorities and private banks all run background checks. Both buying and renting can be difficult with a criminal record. We can make this process easier by wiping your criminal history clean. Find out if you are eligible for expungement. Contact Bob Wyatt in Oklahoma City or Clint James, our Tulsa expungement attorney.

New Oklahoma expungement laws now allow more citizens to qualify than ever before.

Professional Licensing

Many professions will not allow licensing or certification with an arrest record. Before you spend the time and effort on education, new certification or license, call us. Get an opinion regarding your eligibility today. Contact one of our Oklahoma expungement attorneys. We’ve helped people with all types of convictions including: misdemeanor deferred convictions, felony deferred sentences, felony convictions with DOC time. Don’t assume. Ask! We want to help clean up your past.

OWN Guns and Ammo

There is no reason a felony conviction should keep you from your God-given 2nd Amendment Rights. A pardon can help restore your right to own a firearm. Our lawyers will go through the application process with you and be there with you every step. Click here if you want to restore your gun rights. Don’t let a small problem in your past control your future. Many more people qualify for expungement than ever before. Don’t let a suspended sentence or deferred conviction follow you for life.

EASE YOUR Foreign travel

You can and will be turned away at foreign borders because you have a criminal record. Foreign countries are surprisingly strict. Many will not allow Americans into their country with an arrest record. Find out if your previous arrest will prevent you from traveling abroad. Felony DUI from the 90’s holding up your passport? Let our OKC and Tulsa DUI expungement attorneys solve this removing your Oklahoma DUI arrest records once and for all. We handle all types of Oklahoma expungements.

There Are 14 Kinds of Expungements In Oklahoma

Here is a quick link to each kind of the 14 different expungements available. Recent expungement laws in Oklahoma help more qualify for expungements than ever before. Because there are so many ways to expunge an Oklahoma arrest record, feel free to call one of our Oklahoma expungement attorneys to learn more.

Oklahoma Expungement Attorneys | Bury Your Past


Start over with the help of our experienced Oklahoma expungement attorneys. By erasing your past, we can help you have a better future. Start for FREE today.

Our Oklahoma Expungement Attorneys

We have two offices located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, as a result we can cover the entire State of Oklahoma. As a statewide firm, we can help Oklahomans anywhere. Call our Tulsa Expungement attorney, Clint James for expungements in NE Oklahoma. Oklahoma City Expungement attorney, Bob Wyatt practices in Central Oklahoma area courts. New Oklahoma expungement laws help more people qualify. That’s why we have lowered our fee to help more people. The cost of expungement in Oklahoma varies among other firms. We ALWAYS charge one flat fee. Ask about our lower prices for our home counties. Our lawyers can handle your Oklahoma expungement!

Expungements in Tulsa and Oklahoma County are different than other counties. Oklahoma City and Tulsa municipal courts are considered “courts of record”. This means they appear on your background check. Extra steps may be required to expunge cases here. Be sure you are hiring expungement attorneys who know what they are doing in their home counties.

Run Your Oklahoma Background Check

See what is publicly available by going to our own do it yourself background check. Note that some arrests do not show up with online resources. Your arrests may still be available from the OSBI. What the OSBI has on your arrest record is only available through the OSBI. You have the same right to see your OSBI background check before your potential employers do. Contact our firm today to get your OSBI report. DIY Background Check

Oklahoma Expungement Attorneys | Bury Your Past


*The cost of expungement in Oklahoma varies with many firms. Bury Your Past - Wyatt Law Office charges one flat fee for all Oklahoma expungements. Schedule your confidential consultation for clearing up your record.
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