Can Anyone Expunge Their Record?

When past mistakes come back to haunt you, expunging or sealing your criminal record can provide a fresh start. How does it work? Who can expunge their record?

The Impact of Past Mistakes

A quick background check can reveal a past arrest or conviction. As a result, your prior mistakes can cause major difficulties in your present and future. Will you want to rent an apartment, buy a car or home, or find a new job? You may discover that landlords, creditors and employers are hesitant to accept you because of your record.

What Is Expungement?

Expungement is a legal way to erase your criminal record. If your quest for expungement is successful, it removes the public’s access to the record of the arrest or conviction. It also eliminates the need that you reveal it.

Who Can Expunge Their Record?

While every state offers some form of expungement, their expungement qualifications vary. Generally, you’ll have to meet criteria like the following:
  • The type of event falls within the state’s eligibility guidelines for expungement.
  • Your arrest did not result in charges, you saw a dismissal of criminal proceedings, or a trial resulted in an acquittal or a verdict of not guilty.
  • You’ve fulfilled all requirements for waiting periods, restitution and probation.
  • You have no pending charges.
Are you interested in expunging your criminal record? To learn more about the benefits of expungement and expungement qualifications, call Bury Your Past today.