Pot Brownies

You’ve heard about them. Seen them in films, and perhaps even unwittingly tried one at a party in college. Today we dive into the fascinating history of the pot brownie and how it became so popular. But first, a disclaimer.

A Disclaimer from our Expungement Lawyers

Here at Bury Your Past we do not encourage the consumption of marijuana or any other drug that has not yet been legalized in the State of Oklahoma. All marijuana is still illegal at the Federal level in spite of various state laws that decriminalize marijuana. In Oklahoma, ALL marijuana is illegal, however, the legislature has taken some sane measures to reduce punishment for possession of marijuana.

While we do not condone drug use, drugs, the origins of drug use, and the impact of drugs on our culture are important to understand. As advocates, lawyers must be familiar with how drug use became so widespread and why our clients partake in certain illicit substances. This provides a strong foundation to build a defense or to explain to a prosecuting body why your client is either innocent or should receive a lesser punishment.

A Little History

We are examining the history of this particular edible because it came at a particularly important time in America’s history. This period saw the rise of the hippie culture and the explosion of popularity of the Grateful Dead and the “Dead Heads” that populated the area of San Francisco around Haight and Ashbury streets.

Haight and Ashbury was the origin of the Counter Culture youth movement. Groups like the Band of Merry Pranksters, Dr. Timothy Leary’s followers, and the Dead Heads epitomized the ideology behind this social movement. The foundation for many of these groups’ belief systems was the use of psychotropic drugs and marijuana.

Enter Meridy Volz

This episode of Criminal is told through the eyes of Meridy Volz’s daughter. She discusses how her mother went from a humble bakery owner to a purveyor of some of the most sought-after edibles in the center of America’s Counter Culture. What started as a small experiment amongst a group of friends turned into a business that was able to support three families.

The Business Stuff

If you have a marijuana deferred sentence in Oklahoma or a conviction/suspended sentence, call our experienced Oklahoma Expungement lawyers to discuss how your arrest and plea can be expunged. Our lawyers have over 30 years of experience expunging Oklahoma criminal records and we would love to discuss how we can help you change your life.

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