To begin with, expungement is a legal process that seeks to seal the records of a prior criminal proceeding or conviction. Certainly, there are many offenses that qualify for this legal end. And so, decent Oklahomans seek to seal prior convictions from view by agents of private industry, the public at large, and law enforcement. The following are the top 5 reasons to expunge your criminal record.

Top 5 Reasons to Expunge Your Criminal Record

Education – When it comes to education, criminal convictions can prevent access to grants, loans and work assistance. In fact, the Higher Education Act of 1998 makes students convicted of drug offenses ineligible for these programs.

Gun Rights – On the one hand, a convicted felon loses his or her right to a firearm, on the other hand, expunge the conviction and that same person now has the restored right to bear arms.

Employment – Above all else, convictions hurt us at work. Certainly, everyone must make a living. But the harsh truth is, a criminal past means far less job opportunity and generally lower wages. Regularly, employers discriminate against workers with a criminal history. However, expungement seals records, making them no longer available for viewing.

Professional Licensing – State agencies often deny professional license or certification because of convictions. Once expungement is granted, it is no longer legal for the state to refuse a license.

Protect Your Reputation – In particular, expungement clears a person’s name. As a result of having records sealed, you will be able to establish and maintain a positive reputation.

In conclusion, if you are one of millions of Americans with a criminal record, you have certainly run into a few hardships as a result. Expungement relieves those burdens and restores hope for your future.

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