Questions About Expungements

It sort of sounds self explanatory, but there may be more to it than you think. Here at Bury Your Past we are going to go over some frequently asked questions about expungements.

What Does An Expungement Mean?

An expungement is when you have something from your criminal record removed from the publics view. So only certain law enforcement can see anything that was previously there. Or any one you may give permission to see it.

Should I Get An Expungement?

Absolutely. Having a criminal record can affect your ability to gain employment and housing. If you have the ability to remove something from your record, you absolutely should.

Can Anyone Get An Expungement?

No. In Oklahoma, only certain types of crimes are eligible. Certain violent felonies and other crimes are not eligible for expungement. You may need to speak with an expungement attorney first to find out if you qualify.

How Do I Know If I Can Get One?

To start, you will need a complete history of your criminal records. In some states, this can be hard to acquire. You will need to get in touch with one of our attorneys to help get access to certain records and to make sure that all of them are available.

How Do I Go About Getting An Expungement?

There are several steps to getting an expungement in Oklahoma. Certain documents will need filed with the court clerks. You will have a hearing with a judge where you will have to answer certain questions. And all this depends on the kind of expungement you are trying to get. Because there is more than one kind, you should call our office to find out which one is best suited for your specific case.
If you have questions about expungements in Oklahoma, don’t wait any longer to call us. Clearing your criminal record is what we do. We have the experience needed to help you and answer any questions you may have.