For this Weekend Edition, the lawyers at Bury Your Past are listening to an episode of Reveal that examines the life of felons in a court-ordered work camp. Reveal’s podcast “All Work. No Pay. Life at a rehab work camp.”, discusses the unintended consequences of sending indigent defendants to free rehabilitation work camps.

In this edition of Reveal, Al Letson and his investigative team follow several defendants who entered a plea that required they complete mandatory drug and alcohol counseling. For some rural counties, this means the defendants are signing up to work without pay in a chicken processing plant along the border of Oklahoma.

Working in these factories involves many of the unpleasant aspects of rendering chicken carcasses, but it also puts the defendants at risk of life and limb without compensation. One defendant suffered an injury while participating in his drug court work program and found out he wasn’t eligible for worker’s compensation.

Making matters worse, these programs are not bound by any Oklahoma Department of Corrections policies and procedures and the program blatantly flaunts the DOC’s safety concerns during the interview.

While alternative sentencing programs are valuable and can help many people, the fundamental right to be treated like a person should remain. The staff and lawyers at Bury Your Past will treat you like a person from beginning to end. You are not the same person you were on your worst day as you are right now. We want to clear the path for you to move forward with your life and literally, Bury Your Past.

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Felon Work Camps Oklahoma

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