Oklahoma Misdemeanor Expungement

Oklahoma Misdemeanor Expungement is a way to put past mistakes behind you. We all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes lead to arrests. In order to create opportunity for a more productive future, the legal system provides a way to erase minor offenses. The result is total forgiveness. To put it another way, it’s as though the arrest or conviction never happened.

In Oklahoma, all types of misdemeanors may be removed from your record. However, there are different time requirements for different situations. Arrests are immediately eligible for expungement when the prosecuting attorney chooses to drop charges. A person who received a deferred sentence may have the arrest removed after one year. District attorneys have up to three years to file misdemeanor charges. And so, after three years, arrests not resulting in charges are eligible for removal. Following a conviction, it takes five years before a misdemeanor offense can be expunged.

Once removed, you legally conduct yourself like the arrest or conviction never happened. The records are sealed. Anyone seeking information in the sealed file now needs special court permission to view it. Further, the county courts, police and other agencies destroy sealed records after ten years.

What Should I Do if I Want a Misdemeanor Removed?

To start, it’s always a good idea to contact a lawyer. Initially, a practicing attorney will answer any questions you may have. Then, an experienced legal team will evaluate your case. As a result, you will know up front what your chances of success are. Ultimately, if you decide to move forward, a lawyer will file the necessary court documents for you. Finally, he or she will see your case through to judgement.

Contact an Expungement Attorney to Learn More

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