Oklahoma Juvenile Expungement

There are so many things that make it all too easy for a child to get in trouble. Curiosity, being a rebellious teen, peer pressure, you name it. It all goes back to that age old adage, “being grown up isn’t half as hard as growing up.” But that doesn’t mean it has to stick with you forever. And the attorneys at Bury Your Past are here for you.

Juvenile Expungement Qualifications

In Oklahoma you can expunge your juvenile record. As long as you are:
  • Over 21 years old
  • Have no charges pending as an adult and have no adult convictions
  • Complete payment of all fines and restitution pertaining to the juvenile case
After submitting an application for expungement there will be a hearing. Typically this happens around 30 days after notice to the district attorney and any other parties that need it. A judge will then decide if the needs of the defendant are more important than maintaining the record. Once granted expungement, the record becomes sealed. 10 years later it gets destroyed.

Like It Never Even Happened

It’s a breath of fresh air when you can now live your life without the haunting of those past mistakes. An Oklahoma juvenile expungement can help you get back to a normal life. Secure employment, schooling, and housing that you could’t get before. There are many benefits to going through this process. Bury Your Past expungement attorneys make it simple. Do not remain held back by a criminal history you had as a kid, call us today! We are always available to help you get back on track.