Life After Conviction

After you have been arrested, charged, and subsequently convicted of a crime, your life tends to take on a different path. As the saying goes, “you can’t unring the bell.” However, a criminal conviction does not have to hold you back in every way. Oklahoma has been expanding expungement laws year after year. Employers and housing have also lightened up a lot on their requirements. Making things available to felons that previously were unattainable has been a trend. What should life after conviction look like?

Always Tell The Truth

It can seem overwhelming to have to answer the felony conviction question. But whatever you do, do not lie. Always tell the truth and be prepared to explain yourself. This does not mean that you have to go into detail about the circumstances surrounding your conviction. What it does mean is that you have an opportunity to show how much time has passed and how far you have come since then. This is a chance to show that you have made progress and why potential employers should hire you, as well as why you should get any education or housing you are seeking.

Get Recommendations When You Can

Letters of recommendation are extremely helpful. If you can get these from reliable sources such as previous employers and members of the community, you increase your odds of securing things. This is the best way you can get outside sources to vouch for your character.

Your Record Can Help You

Many businesses get tax credits for hiring former felons, and many schools get grants for training. This is something you may make potential employers aware of when applying for jobs and schooling.

Look To Expunge Your Record

After certain qualifications have been met, you may apply to have your criminal record erased. The attorneys at Bury Your Past are experts in the field of expungement and can help you to get your life back on track post conviction. Call us today at 918-409-0417 or send a message to get started.