Expunging Criminal Records

Criminal backgrounds can make life hard. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard you try to turn your life around. Those with criminal records often find that their pasts follow them. Fortunately, lawmakers have created a process designed to level the playing field. And following these easy steps will get you back on the right track. The experts at Bury Your Past can walk you through this process. Here’s how expunging criminal records works.


The Basics of Getting a Record Expunged

An expungement proceeding is when a person with a prior history files a suit to get their records sealed. If the court approves, then it will order the official removal of the arrest or conviction events from the public record. Once a record has been sealed, it can appear as if nothing every happened. This will make it much easier to obtain housing and employment moving forward. 

The Realities of Clearing a Criminal History

Expunged records don’t get completely erased. Police officials and court systems can still look them up while they’re sealed. On the other hand, going through the process hides negative details of someone’s past from other people. Including
  • Potential employers,
  • Landlords, and
  • Creditors and lenders.
It’s worth noting that not all jurisdictions permit the sealing of criminal records or offenses. For those who want to live normal lives, however, it’s smart to chat with a reputable attorney.. Call the experts at Bury Your Past today to get started on clearing your criminal record!