What Is Holding You Back?

Did you get in a little bit of trouble in your younger years? Got a small stain on your criminal record that has haunted you in job interviews, applying for an apartment, or kept you from getting into school? There is a way to get it gone. It’s called expungement, and it’s our business. Having your criminal record expunged means that it won’t show up any public searches anymore. The only people that have access to your records after they are sealed are law enforcement agencies. An expungement means your criminal record gets treated like it never happened. Sounds great right? Let’s cover some misinformation about expungements.

Expungement Myths

#1 An Expungement Means That It Will NEVER Show Up

Yes and no. It means that employers, schools, and most anyone else who performs a background check will not be able to find it. It also means that the court will treat it as if it never happened if you were to get into trouble in the future. However, if say, the OSBI were to run a check they would be able to see it. But for all other purposes, your record would be sealed.

#2 Only A Conviction Will Show Up On My Record

This is not true. In Oklahoma your public record will show everything you have been CHARGED with whether or not it resulted in a conviction. Which means it will also show if something has been dismissed. In most cases you have to ask for an expungement after a case has been completed.

#3 My Charges Will Fall Off After So Many Years

Again, this is not true. Once something is on your record, it is there to stay until an expungement has been granted or ordered by a judge. However, the more time that has passed since you have been in trouble, the easier it will be to obtain an expungement.

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