Clearing Your Criminal Record

Expungement, expunction, it goes by many names. But we all know what it means right? Clearing your criminal record. The laws on this seem to be ever changing in Oklahoma. At one point in time you needed a full pardon even if your charge was nonviolent. Every year or two there is a new statute for how this process goes. Bury Your Past expungement attorneys are on top of all the changes as they come.

Sounds Complicated, Right?

Well it really doesn’t have to be. Ok, so your record isn’t exactly spotless. You ran into some things in the past and the state doesn’t look favorably on it. That’s ok. We have it down to an art if you will. A process for walking you through getting your record cleaned that isn’t overwhelming for you. While every case has it’s own individual needs, we have mastered navigating the system. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around about how it all works. Nothing can be more confusing than too much misinformation. Before you buy everything you read, send us a message.

But I Thought…

You thought only misdemeanors could come off of your record? Or maybe your dad’s best friends old college roommate told you that it would fall off after so many years. Yeah, we have heard all of those things too.
When it comes to clearing your record in Oklahoma, Bury Your Past Expungement Attorneys are the ones to call. We have cleared more cases than anyone else in the state. This is what we do. Call us today or send us a message to get a consultation for your Oklahoma expungement now.