What Does Expungement Mean?

The Definition of “Expungement”. Expungement gives you the chance to a clear criminal history. It is the best way to bury your past because it amounts to having your criminal records sealed. Undergoing the expungement process is completely voluntary. It allows you to move past your prior convictions. Because with an expungement, you don’t have to tell anyone of an arrest or conviction of a crime. This means that when you apply for a job, you don’t have to answer the question on the application concerning whether you have previously been arrested. When filling out an application for an apartment or job, you can check the box that says no about a previous criminal conviction. Finally, you can go back to life as usual. 

The Limitations Of A Clear Criminal History

Even with a completely sealed criminal record, it doesn’t mean that no one will ever see the arrests or convictions on your record. A limited number of people can see these past events. Law enforcement agencies and criminal courts have access to this information. Therefore, in the case of future arrests, you cannot count on a clear criminal history after your expungement. Expungement means that your record is “under seal”. But a record under seal could be proof that you have a prior conviction.

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