Attorneys That Handle Expungements

As a criminal defense attorney you need to be well rounded in several areas. Not only are there an endless number of crimes that can be committed that you will have to defend, but also what to do after your client has been handed a conviction. This can seem like a daunting situation for your client. You have an entire process beginning with an arrest.

OK, You’re The Client And I’m The Lawyer

We can role play an endless number of scenarios here. Maybe you got a DUI, maybe you were accused of theft. Either way, you wound up in jail. You had to bail out and then you needed an attorney to represent you in court. You were convicted of a crime. But not you have done your debt to society. All of the fines were paid, you finished your probation, but this cloud is hanging over your head. Are there attorneys that handle expungements around here? Life would be so much better if you could just get this off of your record. You would be able to land that job you want and move into that sweet apartment with the great view. The answer is yes.

So What Do I Have To Do?

First, you call Bury Your Past. We will review the details of your case and petition for an expungement. Now, it is fair to say that not everyone will qualify for this, but in Oklahoma we have a very high success rate of getting our clients cleared. Second, show up to your consultation. Simple enough. We can’t exactly get your criminal history behind you if you aren’t here can we? Too easy.
We aren’t saying that we will have your driving a Ferrari next week, but we can tell you that soon we will have your record squeaky clean. Call Bury Your Past expungement lawyers today.