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Municipal Charges Expunged in Oklahoma

All municipal or city charges/tickets or convictions are misdemeanors.  Municipal courts do not have jurisdiction to prosecute a felony.  There are different expungement procedures that apply depending on whether you were (1) acquitted (i.e., found not guilty), (2) the charges were dismissed, (3) you received and successfully completed a deferred or continued sentence, or (4) received a suspended sentence or were actually put in jail.  Under any of these scenarios, you may be eligible either for a Section 18 or Section 991 expungement.

There is also a specific expungement procedure for municipal cases, but with the changes to Section 18, it may not benefit you to proceed under the Municipal Code. Title 11, §27-122.1 provides in relevant part:

“Upon completion of the terms of probation, the defendant shall be discharged without a court judgment of guilt, and the verdict, judgment of guilty, or plea of guilty shall be expunged from the record and the charge dismissed with prejudice to any further action.”

This is effectively a § 991 expungement under the Oklahoma Municipal Code.

If you are eligible, we must determine which section is applicable and most beneficial to you. Contact us to review your case.


The fee depends on the type of expungement but most likely will be a flat fee.

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