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Legal Notices

Last updated: October 1, 2016, reflecting all changes effective November 1, 2016.

DISCLAIMER & FEES:  These firms are not a partnership and except for this one joint venture, the firms operate independently of each other.  For purposes of offering expungement from this web page (BuryYourPast.com), the individual firms are acting independently as a private law firm with each firm providing legal services and technical and logistical support. Bury Your Past is merely a website utilzed by the Wyatt Law Office (OKC) and The Firm on Baltimore (Tulsa).  Fees may be split among the two firms but generally each firm operates independently of the other.

NO GUARANTEES:   No lawyer or law firm can guarantee results.  The lawyers associated with BuryYourPast.com cannot either.  All we can guarantee are our best efforts.  We will research the law, file the necessary petitions or motions and present each case in the light most favorable to our clients.  We work hard for our clients, and our reputations depend on taking every case seriously.

NOTICE – ADVERTISEMENT:  Members of the Oklahoma Bar Association are subject to the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct, which are codified at Title 5, Chapter 1, Appendix 3-A of the Oklahoma Statutes. To the extent this Web site is interpreted as an advertisement, Rule 7.2(e)(1) requires that you be advised that: If you find anything in this communication to be inaccurate or misleading, you may report the same by writing to the:

General Counsel of the
Oklahoma Bar Association
P.O. Box 53036
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152

or by calling: 1-800-522-8065.

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