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Juvenile & Youthful Offenders–Records Expunged in Oklahoma

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Juvenile records are generally not open to the public. Even so, there may be reasons to seek expungement of a juvenile or youthful offender record. The Oklahoma expungement laws allow for certain juvenile and/or youthful offender pleas, adjudications or convictions to be expunged depending on the charge and/or circumstances.

There are basically two different types of expungements for these records. One is similar to the Section 991 expungement of a guilty plea like a deferred or delayed sentence; the other is more similar to a Section 18 “full expungement” of both the arrest record and the record of conviction. There are very specific criteria for eligibility for expungement of juvenile or youthful offender matters. More information to come soon . . . .

Fees depend on the circumstances and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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