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Identity Theft In Oklahoma

If you were arrested because someone used your name or identity when they were arrested, you may be able to proceed under an expedited expungement procedure.  This provision is only available for someone whose name or identity was misappropriated without your consent.  For example, if your brother used your name or your driver’s license when he was arrested for DUI in order to try to avoid a second or subsequent conviction for DUI (and you were not aware he used your name or license), then you can petition the court to “clear” your record under this provision.

You can even obtain an OSBI “Identity Theft Passport” that can be used to show prospective employers or law enforcement or judges that your name or identity has previously been misappropriated in the event the issue comes up again in the future.

This is available only if your identity was misappropriated by another person at the time of their arrest or conviction.

Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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