Getting Your Conviction Overturned

Was your case consequently dismissed following an appeal that you won? If you reversed your conviction with instructions to dismiss by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, we can expunge your criminal record and clear your background quickly. This applies for those who had a case reversed and the District Attorney’s Office gave up and dismissed your charges as well. 


We charge a “flat” or “fixed” fee for this kind of expungement. No surprises and no additional costs. 

Get Started 

If you’d like to get started clearing your appellate victory, please get in touch with our expungement lawyers here. The experienced attorneys at Bury Your Past work hard to get your conviction overturned and clear your history accordingly, so that you may continue to pursue the life you deserve. Not only will all appropriate appellate brief’s be filed, but also the necessary documents to expunge your record. 

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Expunge an Appeals Court Decision

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