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Expungement of a Misdemeanor Conviction

Don’t let an Oklahoma misdemeanor conviction hold you back anymore. We can help get your misdemeanor conviction off of your background check and free you from your past! Suspended sentences are “convictions” which may qualify for an expungement under Section 18.  The new law changes the time required to wait to seek expungement. Because the new law allows you to expunge a misdemeanor conviction in five years instead of ten, more people are eligible than ever before.


There are a few requirements your case must fulfill before you are eligible to expunge your Oklahoma misdemeanor conviction. First, the fine must be less than $501.00 without a suspended sentence or a term of imprisonment. Second, you must have paid your fines and have no felony convictions and have no felony or misdemeanor charges pending.  Due to the new law, there is NO WAITING PERIOD if the only punishment was a fine under $501.

Our expungement attorneys walk you through every step of the process. We will keep you informed and do everything we can to help you avoid going to court unnecessarily.

Your arrest record and court file are not available for public inspection after expungement. In job or college applications and other pursuits, you may lawfully state that the matter “never happened”.  Finally, after our Oklahoma expungement attorneys have erased your record, the courts will deem the arrest and case never occurred.

How Long Does An Expungement Take?

Other types of expungements require a waiting period before you are eligible for expungement, however, this kind of plea makes you immediately eligible for expungement. Be sure to hire a criminal defense lawyer who knows what they are doing to get your record eligible for expungement.


The charges that are commonly eligible under this part of the expungement statute are prosecuted in municipal courts. Generally speaking, municipal courts are not courts of record. The exception to this rule are the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Municipal courts. A court of record is a court that will report your arrest and plea to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI). Keep in mind, however, that your arrest record may not show the plea from your municipal case, other records may be accessible through the arresting agency. Because private backgroudn checks search all available records, a municipal arrest may still haunt you. The only way to make sure your past is completely clear is to hire our Tulsa Expungement Attorney or our Oklahoma City Expungement Attorney.

Our expungement attorneys can help with these Oklahoma misdemeanors and more:

  • Oklahoma DUI Arrests
  • Tulsa Municipal DUI Arrest Records
  • DUI In Small Jurisdictions in Oklahoma
  • Misdemeanor Drug Offenses
  • Misdemeanor Assault Charges
  • Truly, nearly any misdemeanor qualifies for expungement consideration

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